Silly Stuff I Have Done On the Internets: part 2

About 2 years ago, a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS was about to be released and a new meme emerged … CREEPY MARSHTOMP. The idea behind the meme was that one of the new Pokemon created for the game (Marshtomp) has an expressionless face which could be applied to, well, any scenario. I took that as a challenge and started an Instagram account called Marshtomp Life, which I used to put him into my favorite movie scenes, current events and other memes. 

It was a good way for me to just have fun and combine some of the things that I liked in odd ways. After 65 posts, though, it was definitely a good time to stop. Here are some of my favorites:





That face when you see the new lightsaber. #starwars #marshtomp #pokemon 😐😐

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If you want to see the rest of these silly photoshops check them out at

And yes, I do really like Pokemon. I played the first one (Red/Blue) when it first came out, then the card game and I still play the newer ones on Nintendo DS. Below is a picture of me at San Diego Comic-Con looking like a dork with a Pikachu.