ZTE @ Comic Con

In 2016, I helped concept, pitch and design ZTE USA’s social strategy for San Diego Comic Con with Brandon Wainerdi (Copywriter). Back in Dallas, I made the ads for our online contests and then traveled to the west coast to shoot on-site photography and video of our activation sites.
For the ads I thought it would be fun to find public domain comics and cut out retro super heroes to use in the graphics, creating an old-school graphic novel look without resorting to Comic Sans.
ZTE had partnered up with TVLine, one of the biggest online television media outlets, and sponsored their interview room/lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel. When celebrities came through for their branded interviews, I was there to shoot behind-the-scenes photography in the Shutterstock photo studio (which was then pushed out across our social channels).
On the last day of the convention, after the interviews were over, I walked the actual convention floor and filmed cosplayers using the Axon 7 (ZTE’s flagship smartphone), which I filmed/edited into a fun video.
This was a really great experience because not only did I create and design stuff I am proud of but I got to nerd out as part of my job and meet cast members from The Walking Dead, Silicon Valley, Preacher and more. I can now say I made Bruce Campbell laugh which is pretty … groovy.
Check out the rest of the content we created one of my favorite (and nerdiest) weeks of 2016!










And here is me nerding out with some cast of The Walking Dead (RIP Glenn) because I couldn’t help myself…