So I made this logo a bunch of years back. Was going to do a solo project making prints and whatnots. But then my job got busy and I kinda put it to the side. 

In 2016 I started hitting up comic book conventions with my friend Brandon Wainerdi (who I worked with at Splash Media) and he got the idea to start writing for the comic blog Bleeding Cool. I started working with him as his photographer/video dude. We have done some pretty fun stuff and we decided to put all of our work (and future work) on a site. Since I already had the logo and url I pitched using that as the name for our little nerd group and bam. Now we are Super Kaiju.

Eventually I will start selling prints and stickers through the site but if you want to check out the site and our work you can at


Explorations in Kawaii

This is a new series I started working on. I have used the Kawaii style in the past for client jobs (magazines, JC Penney, and more) but wanted to do something that was just for me and so far it’s been fun.

The Concept: Take a destination from pop-culture and Kawaii it up with other attributes from that movie/tv-show. I’m kind of staying away from main characters right now, kind of help keeps it minimal.

None of these I would say are finalized but just wanted to share what I have done so far as I try and figure out what exactly I want to do with these.


The Island (LOST)


Dawn of Man (2001: A Space Odyssey)


The Forbidden Zone (Planet of the Apes)


Coming Soon: Hollywood (Mulholland Drive), Isla Nublar (Jurassic Park), LV-223 (Aliens), Antarctica (The Thing), Hoth (Empire Strikes Back), New-England (The VVitch)

Some Fan Art Stuff I Did Years Ago

About 4 years ago I got really into The Walking Dead (both the comic and TV series). At the same time I was really getting into poster art. I thought it would be fun to do some Walking Dead poster art in the style of some classic western film posters.


The first Walking Dead poster is based off the design of the 1967 Spaghetti Western movie poster for “Death Rides a Horse”


This poster is based off the design of the 1976 movie poster for “A Small Town in Texas”



Silly Stuff I Have Done On the Internets: part 2

About 2 years ago, a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS was about to be released and a new meme emerged … CREEPY MARSHTOMP. The idea behind the meme was that one of the new Pokemon created for the game (Marshtomp) has an expressionless face which could be applied to, well, any scenario. I took that as a challenge and started an Instagram account called Marshtomp Life, which I used to put him into my favorite movie scenes, current events and other memes. 

It was a good way for me to just have fun and combine some of the things that I liked in odd ways. After 65 posts, though, it was definitely a good time to stop. Here are some of my favorites:





That face when you see the new lightsaber. #starwars #marshtomp #pokemon 😐😐

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If you want to see the rest of these silly photoshops check them out at

And yes, I do really like Pokemon. I played the first one (Red/Blue) when it first came out, then the card game and I still play the newer ones on Nintendo DS. Below is a picture of me at San Diego Comic-Con looking like a dork with a Pikachu.


Silly Stuff I Have Done On the Internets: part 1

I always try to push myself, both creatively and professionally but sometimes you just have to remind yourself that graphic design is fun. Presenting the meme Dat Boi and my tireless quest to make it applicable to every situation, from movie posters to Star Wars. “Enjoy.”